Top tips for creating a more pet-friendly home

Top tips for creating a more pet-friendly home

A pet can make any home feel warmer, however ownership comes with a set of rules and responsibilities that needs to be observed in order to keep both your living space and your furry companion in tip-top shape.

Suck it up

Cats and dogs shed, plain and simple. Even if you can’t always see the hair know it’s there, so try to vacuum at least twice a week. Depending on the type of animal and/or breed, investing in a pet-specific vacuum cleaner may be worthwhile. They usually come with attachments for cleaning upholstery and are better at picking up dander than standard units. Not all models are created equally so read reviews and talk to owners before taking the plunge.

bathing puppy

Wash and groom regularly

Besides making pets feel more comfortable, bathing them often in turn helps the house remain cleaner and for longer periods of time. Trimmed nails are also less likely to leave deep scratches.

Be selective with furniture

Certain types of materials are more pet-friendly than others. For example, a velvet sofa may not be such a good idea, but many animal and vegan leathers are quite durable and a cinch to wipe down. Another option is microfiber, a material made from a polyester blend resembling suede in both look and feel. It’s water resistant and stays cool as well, even in hot weather.

cat hardwood floor

Say no to carpet

Carpet is cozy, yes, but unfortunately is a magnet for hair, odours and stains. If it’s an option, go for ceramic tile. Hardwood or laminate flooring is nice as well, although not quite as durable. For area rugs, choose a low pile variety for easier mess removal.

Provide something to chew on

Chew toys and scratching posts are a must so dogs and cats can focus their attention on those inexpensive items rather than a table leg or bedpost.