Reduce your hydro bill this holiday season

Reduce your hydro bill this holiday season

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Christmas lights, electronics, appliances, heating, the list goes on — the holiday season is a big drain on electricity. You can lessen the blow to your wallet when the bill arrives by following a few smart tips.

led christmas bulbs


Not so long ago, the only option for Christmas lighting was delicate, energy-hungry incandescent units that required frequent replacement. Enter the LED age where the bulbs are brighter, require a fraction of the electricity to power up and last exponentially longer (most are good for a decade). The only caveat is they tend to have a slightly higher initial purchase price, however they quickly pay for themselves.

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Utilize body heat

Having guests over on the 25th for dinner, or throwing a New Year’s Eve bash? All those bodies in the house mean you can drop the thermostat a couple of degrees and no one will even notice. Guests might even thank you for preventing excessive perspiration under those warm ugly Christmas sweaters.

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Look for ENERGY STAR certification

A partnership between the Canadian government and industry, products that bear the ENERGY STAR symbol are among the top of its class in terms of efficiency. Certified audio/video products, for example, can use up to 70 per cent less electricity than their standard counterparts. So when you’re shopping for a new T.V., stereo or fridge, choose ENERGY STAR.

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Multitask in kitchen

Everybody loves gingerbread cookies and other seasonally appropriate treats. Instead of heating up your oven multiple times for different items, bake more than one dish at time.

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Switch off lamps

All those lights wrapped around the Christmas tree can do more than just look pretty. If bright enough, turn off the room lamp(s) and bathe in the glow from the decorative lighting instead.