How to prevent Christmas tree fires

How to prevent Christmas tree fires

christmas tree fire

There’s no quicker way of extinguishing all holiday cheer like an accidental house fire. While not a common occurrence, if it does happen the results, as one can imagine, are disastrous. Take these precautions to minimize the chances of an unwelcome Christmas blaze.


christmas tree water basin

Don’t wait to water

A hydrated tree is a happy tree. Buy as fresh an example as possible with needles that are green and firm rather than browning and brittle — test by tapping gently on the ground to check for excessive shedding. Once home, place in a water basin and regularly top up the level. This can help the needles from prematurely aging and becoming a fire hazard. Keep away from heat sources including electronics like the television.

led  candles

Say no to real candles

It should go without saying, but never — ever — place lit candles, or any open flames, on or anywhere close to the tree. If you’re going for a certain look, picking up some flickering LED alternatives might do the trick.

exit sign

Plan your fire escape

When choosing that perfect spot in the house to place the Christmas tree, do not block any exits. In the event of a fire, you to make sure there are easy ways to leave the property and get to safety.

light timer

Turn off lights

Before going to bed or leaving the house, always remember to switch off all the decorative lighting. An inexpensive timer can also help with this task, which automatically cuts power at predetermined hours of the day.

christmas tree disposal

Dispose on time

There’s always someone on the block that keeps the tree up way past the festive season. This is advisable for safety reasons, as even when properly cared for the tree will begin to dry out excessively after four weeks. Research the appropriate method of disposal/recycling in your city.