The Power of Persuasive Client Testimonials and How To Get Them

The Power of Persuasive Client Testimonials and How To Get Them


Powerful testimonials should leave prospective clients excited about working with you. Not only helping to expedite the conversion of prospective clients into active clients, but testimonials also increase your credibility and help with lead generation. Important to be listed on your website, social media accounts, on Google, within your listing presentation and more, the tough part about publishing testimonials is often acquiring them in the first place.


If you’re looking to acquire persuasive clients testimonials, here’s five tips on acquiring them.


Source Testimonials from Various Clients

As you likely work with first-time buyers, downsizers, investors and more, it’s important to get testimonials from various clients with particular focus on your niche. If you want to work with a certain client group or property type, ask those clients for their feedback. The more testimonials you have from the individuals you want to work with, the more likely you’ll be to attract similar clients moving forward.


Ask Immediately

Immediately following the close of a transaction is generally when the experience is fresh in your client’s mind. Rather than overcomplicating things, simply asking your clients to write a review immediately following their experience with you (often after completion) might be all you need to do.


Offer an Incentive

On average (for most products and services) only 18.5% of customers will write a review. One way to increase the number of your clients who write a review/testimonial is by offering some kind of incentive. While giving away part of your commission is far too costly, offering something smaller, even a $10 Starbucks gift card, or movie voucher can be a powerful tool in soliciting great testimonials.


Send Them a Survey

Some clients might not be well-versed (or interested) in writing a paragraph on your services. The more convenient you can make the process for them, the more likely you are to receive a testimonial from them. Consider using free services like SurveyMonkey to prep an easy survey. In addition to granting permission to use their responses for a testimonial, you might ask them to rate and detail their experience with you.


Guide Them

One of the challenges in getting client testimonials is that the clients aren’t always exactly sure what to write. Sure, they might know they were happy with your service but are stumped when it comes to putting it into words. To be helpful, you might share another testimonial as a template, or guide them with some of the following questions:


** Why did you hire me?

** Would you recommend me to friends or family? If so, what would you tell them?

** What could I improve?

** Was there anything I did that impressed you?

** How was I able to help you?