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  • Dec 12 2019

    The Benefits of Delegation and How You Can Get Started

      As a Realtor, you probably ‘wear too many hats’ on any given day. From marketer and bookkeeper to networker and scheduler, you’re often left run off your feet. Without enough hours in the day, one of the best ways to reduce your stress while maximizing your time (and your income) is through the art … Continued

  • Dec 09 2019

    The Best Books for Bolstering Your Real Estate Business

      Reading is a well-intended habit for business tycoons like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey. If you’re looking to bolster your real estate business, you too should develop a commitment to reading. From tidbits on marketing to tailored steps to real estate excellence, the following books will offer you motivation, inspiration, and strategy. … Continued

  • Dec 05 2019

    Six Top Tips for Striking the Optimal Work / Life Balance

      Setting your own hours and high earning potential makes real estate an attractive career choice. Sadly though, it doesn’t take long for most agents to recognize the challenge of balancing work with life. To avoid becoming rundown and to maintain your physical, emotional and mental health, it’s crucial to learn how to create a … Continued

  • Dec 02 2019

    Five Creative Ways to Generate More Referrals

      Incredibly powerful, referrals are among the fastest and most lucrative ways to build your real estate business. With successful agents reporting over 75% of their business resulting from referrals, it’s crucial to nurture your referral relationships. Requiring less effort than prospecting for new clients, referrals can come from your current and past clients, in … Continued

  • Nov 28 2019

    The Most Powerful (Yet Often Forgotten) Marketing Strategy

      If you’re looking to launch your real estate business into the stratosphere, you have endless options to choose from.   But, sadly…   Few will get you there.    There’s billboards, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, sandwich boards, print advertising, and more. There’s so much you can do to reaffirm your brand (and keep you top-of-mind), … Continued

  • Nov 25 2019

    Tips for Managing Your Rollercoaster Cash Flow

    As a Realtor, there’s little you can do to change the unpredictability of your cash-flow. Being self-employed means your finances might feel like a roller coaster – scary, exhilarating, with lots of highs and lows. Even after years in the business, you’ll likely never know exactly how much you’ll earn in any given year, or … Continued

  • Nov 21 2019

    Jump Into the Vancouver Real Estate Market (And, All You Need is $1)

      If you have any investments, you might be surprised to know you already have a stake in major corporations. Held within your mutual funds might be companies like Apple, Coca Cola, Starbucks, and more. Though some of these companies are giants, it’s the potential to invest in their stocks that make them accessible to … Continued

  • Nov 19 2019

    Why a Mentor Will Kickstart Your Real Estate Career

      If you could find a sure-fire, short-cut to success, would you take it?   Most of us would.   In the way that every great athlete is backed by a phenomenal coach, more often than not, supporting every great (and successful) Realtor, is an influential mentor.   Aside from the technicalities of real estate, … Continued

  • Oct 27 2018

    Guide to Granville Island

    Like a lot of now bustling districts across the Lower Mainland, Granville Island was once an industrial hub home to factories and sawmills in the early 20th century.

  • Jul 29 2018

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