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  • May 15 2020

    Working from Home | 6 Tips for Increasing Productivity

      Parkinson’s Law is incredibly relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’ve forgotten, or haven’t heard of it, Parkinson’s Law speaks to the old adage that works expands to fill the time available for its completion. In keeping with the notion that it’s always best to give a busy person something that needs doing, the … Continued

  • May 06 2020

    Financial Wellness | Tips for Realtors

      REALTORS® face exceptional challenges when it comes to their financial wellness. In addition to household expenses like mortgages and car payments, REALTORS® have business expenses too. Household and business expenses coupled with irregular income leaves finances difficult, but certainly not impossible, to manage. The tips listed below will help agents create and maintain their … Continued

  • Apr 30 2020

    Video Conferencing | 7 Tips for Successful Meetings

      Our personal and professional lives are colliding in the midst of the coronavirus. Kids running through the background of meetings and interviews, the now infamous journalist who wore his blazer but no pants, are only some of the examples of things that go wrong during video conferencing. While perfection and polished professionalism might be … Continued

  • Apr 17 2020

    Social Marketing | 5 Ways of Refreshing Your Content

      The downtime created by the ‘stay-at-home’ mandate is the perfect opportunity to strategize (and schedule) engaging social media content.  But, beyond posting new listings and successful sales you might wonder what else you should post. Compelling content should be interesting, entertaining, and a yes, little bit personal too. To help you craft engaging content … Continued

  • Apr 03 2020

    Virtual Open Houses | 8 Steps for Success

      In response to COVID-19, BCREA and the Real Estate Council have urged REALTORS® to cease open houses and in-person showings.  Contravening these recommendations leaves you, your clients, and your brokerage potentially liable, not to mention risking the health and safety of the greater public. Using services like Facebook (or Instagram) Live, REALTORS® can lean … Continued

  • Mar 26 2020

    Tips and Tools for Working from Home

      In the midst of the Covid Crisis, it’s best you get comfortable (and quickly) with working from home. With open houses already discouraged, provinces like Ontario have additionally urged real estate agents to avoid any face-to-face meetings too. Whether you need to connect with clients, cooperating agents, or solicitors, it’s never been quite so … Continued

  • Mar 11 2020

    Making Unforgettable First Impressions

      Occurring instantaneously and often even before speaking to one another, those who meet you begin forming their first impression. According to Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink, “…we make a pretty accurate assessment of a person based on knowing them for only a few seconds.” Helping convey to convey characteristics like trust, reliability, professionalism and … Continued

  • Mar 05 2020

    The 8 Best Real Estate Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

      Get regular education and motivation through the best real estate podcasts. Perfect for listening during your morning commute, while your exercise, and more, these podcasts include top-performing hosts and ultra-inspiring guests. Ramp up your business and listen to these 8 actionable and energizing, real estate podcasts.   BiggerPockets Hosted By: Joshua Dorkin, Brandon Turner, … Continued

  • Feb 25 2020

    Navigating the Condo Insurance Crisis

      2018 was the 4th costliest year for insurers according to the reinsurance giant, Munich Re. Toppling 80 billion dollars in insured losses (primarily resulting from natural disasters), the financial impact to insurers is one major cause of the recent condo insurance crisis. With rates skyrocketing and some buildings struggling to find any insurance at … Continued

  • Feb 18 2020

    Amp Your Business with These 7 Places to Network

      Masterful networking is at the heart of most successful businesses. Helping to solicit more business, build a supportive team, and encourage word-of-mouth referrals, the most important component of networking is, of course, new clients. Whether you’re tired of your existing strategies or are looking for new opportunities, amp your business by using these 7 … Continued

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