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Five ways to stay cool at home without air conditioning


Does your air-conditioning-deprived living space have you feeling like you’re stuck in a sweatbox? Don’t worry — there are other ways to cool off indoors without A/C. Here are Westmar’s top five tips for beating the heat at home.

blinds sunlight

Stay shuttered

Opening your blinds in the A.M. may seem as natural as kicking off the covers. However, when the sun is shining, exposed windows let in a lot of unwanted heat. Keeping them closed from late morning until early morning can keep the temperature lower by a few degrees.

clothes drying

Air dry

Ever notice how vacationing in a tropical destination makes you feel perpetually hot? That’s because humidity keeps your skin sticky. The same idea applies here, so where possible, avoid washing and drying clothing, cooking an involved meal or showering midday to keep the surrounding air nice and dry. And if you have to, make sure to have the fan on to cycle out the added moisture.

ice cubes

Ice the fan

On a sweltering day, having just the desk fan on often doesn’t feel useful at all. That’s where a little ingenuity comes in handy. Try this trick: put ice or a freezer pack in a bowl and set it right in front of the spinning blades. The result will be gloriously chilly air blown in your direction.

bed sheets

Get some new sheets

When you put your sweaters and other winter-friendly clothing away for the season, the same should be done for bed sheets and blankets. Fleece, flannel and other similar materials are comfortable and soft to the touch, but have an insulating rather than cooling effect. Stick to natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton.

tree outside window

Throw shade

For the house dwellers out there, living plants can help keep the mercury down. A strategically placed tree or shrub outside a window is the perfect tool to deflect UV rays and as a bonus improves the look of your yard.

By Benjamin Yong

June 24, 2017

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