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Six ideas on how to be a little bolder with your interior decorating

bold interior design

Whether you’re interested in spicing up the home décor over the holidays or starting fresh this coming New Year, Westmar has you covered with the following ideas on how to be a little bolder with your interior designing.

mosaic lightswitch cover

Switch up switch plates

Somewhere along the way, we had the notion ingrained in us that plastic light switch plates had to be white or beige. Pick a patterned one instead for a subtle but effective way to make part of the wall pop.

disco ball

Bring disco back

Although the 70s are long gone, evoke the same feeling of fun from the carefree era by simply hanging up a disco ball. The mirrored globe makes a great statement piece in any room and just looks plain cool when light bounces off the curved surface.


Be creative with shelving

Most shelves are built with wood and fashioned in a certain way probably because, yes, it’s logical construction. But logic and utility can be mutually exclusive, as in the case with this unique unit made with piping that is both quirky and functional.

funky lightshade

Throw shade

Have a lamp that you love, but it’s missing a touch of pizazz? Then put the factory shade aside and scour the local furniture stores and thrift shops for a funkier replacement to place atop the base.

interesting side table

Think out of-the-box for a side table

Let’s be honest — a lot of regular round or square side tables are fairly boring in appearance. Shake up the status quo and choose something crafted a bit differently like the above.

colourful throw pillows

Add pattern to your pillows

A really easy way to liven up a couch or bed is pick louder patterned cases for the pillows in lieu of normal solid colours. The sky’s the limit, but it’s hard to go wrong with floral or striped covers.

By Benjamin Yong

December 17, 2018

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