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Simple DIY Halloween decorations for the home

halloween interior decor

The spookiest day of the year is less than two weeks away. If you’re hosting a party or just getting in the mood to hand out candy, it’s time to start thinking about giving the house a ghoulish feel. Instead of buying costly store-bought decorations that end up sitting in storage most of the year anyways, here are some ideas on some simple DIY projects that can look equally as good.

halloween wreath

Halloween wreath

These round arrangements aren’t only for the holidays. Make one with a spooky twist using some craft store twigs sprayed black and attach some orange coloured flowers. Or create your own floral embellishments by taking a pair of plinking shears, cut small circles out of heavy felt, fold in half twice and attach to the wreath.

paper jack-o'-lanterns

Paper jack-o’-lanterns

A lot less messy than the real thing, these 2-D pumpkins are a cinch to cut out and you can hang or tape them up anywhere around the home. Grab some large orange construction paper and fold in half. Use a pencil to draw out one side of the jack-o’-lantern, carefully trim along the lines with a pair of scissors and unfold. Voila!

styrofoam eyeballs

Styrofoam eyeballs

For this task, you’ll need some Styrofoam balls, foam finishing compound, a fine paintbrush and glossy paint or nail polish. Apply the compound to the balls and let dry (the purpose for this is to give some texture to the Styrofoam and prevent it from reacting to the paint, another option is to wrap them), and then use your imagination to design the eyes. Once dried, place a few in a bowl for instant horror.

halloween front door

Scary front door

Turn up the freakiness factor of the front door and apply a scary greeting in red paint — use a water-based paint so the message doesn’t become permanent. Add hand prints for extra effect.

By Benjamin Yong

October 23, 2017

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