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Ready outside of your house for spring

flowers outside home

Mother Nature gave us what is probably (hopefully) the final bout of snow this year before spring finally arrives. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to get the outside of your home ready for the warmer months ahead. Here are a handful of tips to get you started:

gutter squirrel

Exterior check-up

This is an especially important item if you haven’t gotten around to inspecting your gutters in awhile. Check for clogs and anything that may have been damaged from ice build up occurring over the few frozen weeks we experienced. Does the chimney and roof seem OK? If climbing a tall ladder is a bit too daunting, hire a local professional.

window frame repair

Window maintenance

After a harsh winter, the seals around windows can become compromised potentially letting in the elements like water and drafts. Remove any old caulking that appears expired and install a fresh application. Similarly, repair or replace rotted wood trim and sills.

firewood in shed

Clutter removal

Stacking logs against the house is convenient during fireplace season, but damp wood is a haven for creepy crawlies. Move to a dry, covered location if possible — a garden shed or carport both work well. Since you’re working up a sweat anyways, take the time to stash away cold weather equipment such as shovels and salt.

cracked pavement

Crack repair

The freezing and rapid expansion and contraction of concrete during sub-zero temperatures can cause it to split open. Look for any cracks that might have formed as a result in places including the foundation or patio floor and fill them in. Later, give the surface a thorough power wash and apply some sealer.

outdoor faucet

Faucet fix

A deep freeze has the potential to wreak havoc on exposed faucets and can even lead to a burst pipe inside the house. Turn the water on and see if the pressure is normal and whether there are any strange leaks. If the hose was left out, give that a good once over as well.

By Benjamin Yong

March 10, 2017

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