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BC real estate definitions (N to Z)

Last month, we posted the first half of a two-parter demystifying some of the tricky terms often used in the real estate field. Today, we round out the rest of the alphabet with definitions from N to Z. Net taxes: The amount of property tax owing after deductions such as the home owner and seniors […]

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BC real estate definitions (A to M)

Navigating the real estate waters in B.C. can be a tricky business, and even more so if you aren’t familiar with the many terms used in the business. Today’s blog post contains the first of two lists detailing definitions of common words and phrases you’re likely to encounter. Amortization: How many years it will take […]

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Showing your home on Valentine’s Day

Although one of the most romantic occasions of the year isn’t one normally associated with shopping for a property, that doesn’t mean the real estate industry goes on pause. Instead, if you’re listing on Saint Valentine’s Day, use the occasion to present your home in a couples-approved manner. Light the scene What sets the proper mood […]

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