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All-Natural Pesticides for your Home

With the hot summer and the water restrictions currently in town, many plants are being overrun with various insects and other garden pests. Here are a few ideas of how to care for your plants and avoid nasty pests with some all natural options, avoiding potentially harmful chemicals that could negatively affect your children and […]

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Easy to Care for Indoor Plants

So, you’ve moved into your new condo, and have been there for a few months. Initially, you were so excited with the new space that you ran around decorating like crazy. One way to breathe life into a new home is with flowers, so off to the florist you went for fresh bouquets. Lovely they […]

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Oil Storage Tanks in Richmond

Background Information Pre-1957, before natural gas was widely used to heat homes, many residences had Oil Storage Tanks on their property, loaded with furnace oil. These tanks, some buried underground and some above ground, would hold up to 1,000 gallons of oil. Once natural gas became widely available, the homeowners of the time simply filled […]

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