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Avoid potential issues with your strata corporation part II

Last month, we published a blog post on how to ensure you and the strata corporation for your building or complex maintain a smooth relationship. Here are some more tips on how to approach disputes, deal with parking and more. Present your case to the strata council If an issue comes up, such as a bylaw […]

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Avoid potential issues with your strata corporation part I

If you recently bought your first apartment or townhouse, or perhaps are still in the process of looking, there are a few things to be aware of in regards to the property’s strata corporation that will save you some potential headaches later on. See below for part one of a two-part guide we’ve compiled. Know […]

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Five things first time condo buyers should be aware of

Whatever the type of home you’re thinking of getting into, you’ve heard it before: it will probably be the largest single purchase of your life. Condos in particular have their own set of quirks that buyers should be aware of before taking the big plunge. Here are five common ones to look out for. How much […]

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