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cat hardwood floor

Top tips for creating a more pet-friendly home

A pet can make any home feel warmer, however ownership comes with a set of rules and responsibilities that needs to be observed in order to keep both your living space and your furry companion in tip-top shape. Suck it up Cats and dogs shed, plain and simple. Even if you can’t always see the […]

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thanksgiving dinner table

Decorating the Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is only a few days away — for those that have dinner hosting responsibilities, here are some easy, creative ideas on how to decorate the table. Think nature For a fun and seasonally appropriate accent to any place setting, arrange a combination of autumn leaves and chestnuts around the table. More gourds Similarly, look […]

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feather duster

Dust bust your home

Do you ever feel like trying to rid your home of dust is something of a losing battle? Although there’s no way of permanently preventing dust balls from finding their way back behind doors and in nooks and crannies, here are some ways you can mitigate the situation. Change sheets regularly Dust is made up […]

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