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child proofing home

Home childproofing guide

Welcoming a new addition into the family is a wonderful event that brings with it big responsibilities and changes. And part of those changes is taking the correct measures around the home in terms of childproofing to keep your little one safe, particularly during the transition from infant to curious toddler. Electronics and appliances A big, […]

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halloween front door

Simple DIY Halloween decorations for the home

The spookiest day of the year is less than two weeks away. If you’re hosting a party or just getting in the mood to hand out candy, it’s time to start thinking about giving the house a ghoulish feel. Instead of buying costly store-bought decorations that end up sitting in storage most of the year […]

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raking leaves

Fall leaf cleanup

Summer has been slow to depart southern B.C. this year and the trees are just starting to shed their leaves. Did you know in Vancouver during the fall and winter months, the local government provides special weekend leaf collection to help keep the city clean? Learn more about the services, as well as tips on […]

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