Get better sleep with proper mattress care

Considering that on average humans spend a third of their life sleeping, it’s probably worthwhile to give our mattresses some proper care and attention beyond just changing the sheets. Here are tips to ensure they stay performing in tiptop shape so they yield the best Z’s possible. Rotate You’ve probably heard the age-old advice of rotating […]

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christmas lights house

Practise safe holiday home habits this season

Merry Christmas! Joyous Kwanzaa! Feliz Navidad! No matter how you say season’s greetings in your household, the holidays are a busy time for all involving lots of decorating, entertaining and perhaps travelling. These tips will help keep your home and most importantly, loved ones out of harm’s way during the hustle and bustle. Stay off […]

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vancouver condos

Five things first time condo buyers should be aware of

Whatever the type of home you’re thinking of getting into, you’ve heard it before: it will probably be the largest single purchase of your life. Condos in particular have their own set of quirks that buyers should be aware of before taking the big plunge. Here are five common ones to look out for. How much […]

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