Give input on how Empty Homes Tax revenue should be used

How should the City of Vancouver spend $20 million dollars? That’s the net revenue (after factoring in $10 million in setup and operating costs) generated by North America’s first Empty Homes Tax (EHT) implemented at the beginning of the year, to address the current housing crisis. Properties left empty or underutilized are subject to a one […]

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happy homeowners

Avoid potential issues with your strata corporation part I

If you recently bought your first apartment or townhouse, or perhaps are still in the process of looking, there are a few things to be aware of in regards to the property’s strata corporation that will save you some potential headaches later on. See below for part one of a two-part guide we’ve compiled. Know […]

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rental sign

Primer for prospective landlords

  Vancouver is a city ripe with real estate investment opportunities, whether it’s in the form of property flipping or housing rentals. If the latter is an avenue you are considering pursuing, be aware that it is no different than running any other kind of business. Before going any further, first have a look at […]

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