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Help prevent wildfires

The haze that has been hanging over the sky for the last couple of weeks is a constant reminder that wildfires are still raging across much of B.C. Especially at this time in the year, fire prevention is critical and practicing responsible habits is simple and something anyone can do while outdoors. See below. At […]

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How to beat the heat this summer

The Lower Mainland has had the fortune of being bathed in sunshine for most of July, but with great weather comes great responsibility. Enjoy the rays — just remember not to overdo it. Follow Westmar’s suggestions on how to stay cool and protected this summer. Do’s Drink lots of water. You’ve heard the suggestions of […]

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Top five summer barbecue safety tips

If you haven’t broken out the barbecue this summer yet, what are you waiting for? Before sending out the invites to friends and family, take a moment to familiarize yourself with a few safety tips to keep your steak and burger-cooking zone hazard free. Isolate Position your grille away from the house and associated structures […]

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