raking leaves

Fall leaf cleanup

Summer has been slow to depart southern B.C. this year and the trees are just starting to shed their leaves. Did you know in Vancouver during the fall and winter months, the local government provides special weekend leaf collection to help keep the city clean? Learn more about the services, as well as tips on […]

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vancouver votes

City of Vancouver 2017 by-election FAQ

The City of Vancouver is getting ready for its first by-election in 25 years. Official voting happens on Saturday, Oct. 14 — before hitting the ballots, here’s what you should know. What is a by-election? The purpose of a by-election is to fill a representative’s seat that becomes vacant during a term of office. In […]

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creekside park playground

Vancouver’s new largest playground opens

The City of Vancouver has taken the wraps off the newly rejuvenated Creekside Park playground, located right next to Science World. At 1,700 square metres, not only is it now the biggest in town, but it also comes with a 22-metre zipline. The $900,000 project includes many opportunities for kids to exercise both their bodies […]

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