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How to beat the heat this summer

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The Lower Mainland has had the fortune of being bathed in sunshine for most of July, but with great weather comes great responsibility. Enjoy the rays — just remember not to overdo it. Follow Westmar’s suggestions on how to stay cool and protected this summer.


  • Drink lots of water. You’ve heard the suggestions of eight glasses a day, and it’s especially important to take in enough during the heat wave because of moisture loss due to sweating. You can add watermelon, orange/lemon/lime or herbs to kick up the flavour, or brew some herbal (i.e. non-caffeinated, as caffeine is a diuretic) tea and throw in a few ice cubes as a refreshing alternative.

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  • Mist yourself. Fill a spray bottle with water and place it in the fridge, and then take it out for a quick spritz whenever you feel hot. The water has a cooling effect as it evaporates, helping to regulate your internal temperature.
  • Watch what you wear. It’s true that cotton does generally breathe better than synthetic fabrics, although some are designed to wick sweat like the kind designed for athletic endeavours. Pick lighter-coloured, looser fitting clothing promoting better air circulation.


  • Over-exercise. The combination of excessive physical activity and high temperatures, especially under the sun, is a recipe for heat stroke. If working out, choose an air-conditioned gym.

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  • Consume heavy meals. Hard-to-digest foods, such as large portions of meat protein, can leave you feeling extra sluggish, so eat in moderation. Pile on the fruits and vegetables instead, which are full of water and will keep you hydrated.
  • Go from an extremely cold environment to a really hot one. Say the air conditioning is on full blast in your house — turning it down or off completely prior to stepping outside acclimates your body and lessens the shock when stepping outside.

By Benjamin Yong

July 22, 2017

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