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Home childproofing guide

child proofing home

Welcoming a new addition into the family is a wonderful event that brings with it big responsibilities and changes. And part of those changes is taking the correct measures around the home in terms of childproofing to keep your little one safe, particularly during the transition from infant to curious toddler.

Electronics and appliances

A big, top-heavy television is just waiting for an opportunity to become unbalanced and fall over. Either anchor the stand to something secure or mount the unit directly to the wall. The same goes for the microwave — up and out of the way is best. Keep the dishwasher door closed and locked if it has one so knives and detergent aren’t easily accessible. Hide power strips, and install plug covers on outlets close to the ground.

Stairwells and doorways

Baby gates are a must. Install them anywhere that leads to a potential hazard, like the tops or bottoms of stairs, entrance to the kitchen and other open areas. Keep room doors closed when you’re not inside.


Sharp table and desk corners are a big red flag in terms of safety, especially low-slung coffee tables. Either make or purchase protective guards and install securely. If the tabletop is made out of glass check to see if it’s of the tempered variety, which is four times stronger than normal and is less prone to shattering into tiny pieces. As your child becomes able to stand, make sure the crib mattress is low enough so he or she cannot climb up over the sides.

Choking hazards

Young kids love putting the wrong things into their mouth. Some of the most common items around the house — that can be easily avoided by making sure they aren’t left lying around — include coins, small batteries, medicine, small toys, cleaning supplies and office supplies.

By Benjamin Yong

November 08, 2017

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